Sitting Disease

Physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide, according to a series of studies released in British medical journal The Lancet. Of the 57 million deaths worldwide in 2008 >5.3 million deaths may be averted annually if all inactive persons become active. Source: Lee, I.-M., Shiroma, E. J., Lobelo, F., Puska, P., Blair, S. N., & Katzmarzyk, P. T. (2012). Impact of Physical Inactivity on the World’s Major Non-Communicable Diseases. Lancet, 380(9838), 219–229.

Top 5 tricks to make you feel better during the work day.

The world is full of lifehacks... We have lots of ideas and ways to make you feel better during your work day - and to have fun with Smart Break!

Elevator Pitch

Do you have 3 minutes? Or actually 30 seconds? This is the Smart Break Elevator Pitch!

Wellness App Salesman vs Smart Break

A wellness app salesman makes a sales call to an IT company. What was the outcome, did he succeed? Check out the video!

Polar Pitch

In ice fishing, sitting for long periods of time is not unusual. Well, actually that's not good for your health. But wait - we have a solution for excessive sitting. We are excited to tell you about it, wherever you may be...

5 tips to sit less and move more during the day.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time has been called the "new smoking" due to increased health risks. Here are 5 Smart Break tips to get you started sitting less and moving more. You may be surprised how easy it is to add more activity to your day!

Smart Breaks vs Dumb Breaks

Meet deskmates Tom and Nick! Nick is a bit messy and doesn't believe in exercise during the day. Tom is just the opposite, his superpower is...

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