Tech Neck: What It Is and How To Help.

How many hours do you think you spend staring at a screen every day? According to a study done by Vision Direct, the average adult spends 44 years staring at screens. Their research suggests we spend about 4 hours a day looking at just our smartphones, and another 4-5 staring at our computers and TVs. While the amount of time we spend staring at these screens, only increases with the more time we spend indoors. 

In today's world, we can't avoid using devices or staring at screens. Many of us spend our entire working day staring at a computer screen. Unfortunately many of us work with bad posture, which can strain our neck and shoulders, causing "tech neck". But what is tech? The Spine Institute of North America defines tech neck as "a frequently painful condition that results from the hunchback slouch many individuals employ when they’re using their electronic devices. The issue starts when you bend your neck forward so you can look at your smartphone or another electronic device. Doing this, places a great deal of strain on your spine, causes a lot of tension to your neck and shoulders, and causes upper-back pain."

How do you fight tech neck? Here are some exercises to help strengthen your neck and shoulders.

This infographic was created by Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy, an in home physical therapy provider


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