Smart Break Challenge

In February 2021. Johan Boholm and our partner, Torgny Steen (, participated in an online meeting, to brainstorm ideas on how to create some buzz around Smart Break in Sweden.

Torgny, who is an active wellness coach, lecturer, and author, had just finished hosting a series of seven weekly online events about wellness. Apart from giving general advice, he felt it would be good to provide actual tools to enable a healthier lifestyle.

 "Can we start a one-month Challenge where participants have free access to the Smart Break software and can take breaks together in a common environment?", Torgny asked in the meeting. Johan was immediately on board with the idea. The full name of the campaign became "Smart Break Challenge - 3 minutes of movement for health, engagement and job satisfaction"

And just like that, the plan was in action. 

After some practical things, like a dedicated Smart Break environment, a landing page, a LinkedIn event, etc. it was time to start informing about the exciting challenge. The major part of the marketing was done via LinkedIn. Torgny had also talked to some sponsors in Sweden and they were thrilled to be part of the challenge that started March 9th and ended a month later.

89 hours and 48 minutes of Smart Breaks 

When the Challenge was about to begin, we had over 350 individuals that had shown interest in the campaign through our LinkedIn event and 125 of them registered to take part.

The participants were eager to try out Smart Break from day 1 and in total, 1,796 Smart Breaks were done throughout the entire Challenge. That equals 89 hours and 48 minutes!

To keep people motivated we sent out two e-mails per workday and we also arranged weekly rewarding sessions, live via Zoom and hosted by Torgny. Books, coaching sessions, T-shirts, water bottles, and gym bags were raffled out directly from the reward function in the software. The campaign also included a Grand Finale where the winners of the main prizes were announced.

Hall of Fame

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists in the Grand Finale had the longest uninterrupted streak of doing two or more Smart Breaks per workday during the Challenge. This is what we call the Hall of Fame in the software.

There was an extremely tight competition among the top-4 participants, but when the Challenge ended, we were able to present the three happy winners. All of them got a free subscription to a digital tool called Papilly for managing stress and also some online coaching sessions by Torgny related to the tool. A hotel (Trosa Stadshotell) had contributed with some treats for the top-2 Smart Breakers, so it paid off to be active each day in the Challenge!

Survey Results 

After the challenge, we sent out a survey to all participants and we were thrilled to get some very good feedback. Here are some of the main findings:

 - 53.8% did Smart Breaks daily, 30.8% several times per week

 - 92.8% were either satisfied or very satisfied with how Smart Break increased their energy level

 - 100% found the Smart Break movements to be good or very good.

 If you want us to set up a Smart Break Challenge for your organization, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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