Remote Work - Good Ergonomics and Breaks


By Chelsy Swackhamer 

Remote work is for all- use good ergonomics and take breaks

More and more employers are offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely. An increasing number of employees, particularly office and terminal workers, are also seizing this opportunity.

Flexible schedule and a rhythm that suits you.

Working remotely gives you the opportunity to get work completed with a flexible schedule and rhythm that suits you. As if it were a chance to take a break from work.

However, working at home often also means that you have to compromise on ergonomics. Working from the comfort of your home often means a neglect of the ergonomics aspect. Your office desk is substituted by the kitchen table and the office chair is replaced by a kitchen stool or, in the worst case, the sofa. In most cases, you are working from a laptop while at home, and the combination of all of the above will tense your back and neck before you know it.

When working from home, it is also good to think about the workload factors and how to manage them with furniture and tool arrangements. Your own occupational health care physiotherapist can get the most out of it and often your employer is ready to contribute in some way to improving the ergonomics of remote work.

5 Tips For Workplace Wellbeing At Home

Organize your work station in a defined area at home, so that there’s a clear line between the working and non-working zones. Avoid working in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

Choose a work area where you can occasionally sit with your back and arms supported. Be mindful of how you hold your neck while working. A constant forward-leaning position increases the risks of future spinal and neck problems.

Make yourself a permanent work station where the above-mentioned criteria are met.

Remember to take breaks! Avoid sitting for longer than 45 minutes at once.

Give your body the chance to move during the breaks. Teleworking provides you the possibility to go out and get some fresh air — take that chance! 

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