By Chelsy Swackhamer

Smart Break In Chicago 

On October 3, our team attended the Perks Chicago event. Perks is about building experiences and opportunities for professionals who focus on culture, employee experience, and people operations. They believe great work experiences are possible and creating them is a matter of access to innovative services, peer support, thoughtful design, and creative problem solving.

Companies are constantly looking for new ways to create a positive and healthy work culture. For some companies that is providing the best office snacks, while for others it could be supporting mental health. The best part of wellness and employee benefits is that it’s not a “one size fits all” approach. When deciding on what events to attend, Perks had been a great fit for Smart Break because it is primarily for employee benefits. And while Smart Break is continuing to grow this was the perfect opportunity to explore the Chicago market a little deeper. Lawrence Smith, our VP, felt it was great to attend this event and hear what perks were being offered around the Chicago area. Smith stated that, “it gave us an opportunity to see if our product could work here in Chicago and compete with the existing wellness products and services”.

Although Perks conferences have been around for several years in large cities all across the US, this was their first show in Chicago. When speaking with Mr. Smith on the event he seemed very pleased with the overall event. Smith had stated he was pleased with the event even though this was a smaller PerksCon in comparison to other cities. He then expressed interest in possibly attending their future events in either NYC or Boston. “We haven’t fully decided on what events we will be attending in 2020, but Perks is one of our contenders”. The impact Perks had was not huge (being that it was a smaller event), however it provided us with the opportunity to connect and discuss what companies are currently doing in their wellness sectors. We had a lot of positive discussions and are looking forward to continuing to help make workplaces a more healthy and active workplace.

Next month our team will be in Lisbon Portugal attending Web Summit. We are very excited for what attraction and connections this event will create for us. With nearly 70,000 attendees, we are anticipating a great event with many opportunities to learn and evolve. Stay tuned for more information on which day we will be exhibiting and where to find us!  

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