Of Course 3 Minutes is enough!

I am now ready for el numero 2!

By Lawrence Smith

So… after a week now of me checking and re-reading my first blog, driving the number of views up strictly to make it look somewhat successful, I am now ready for el numero 2! I have been at Raisoft now for two months and I can genuinely say “me likes it a lot!”

The days consist of various internal brainstorming sessions on how we can build this brand larger. My hopes are to enter into the US market with a product that can sell itself. Might be possible with the idea that it takes 3 minutes and provides countless benefits. All I can truly say is that this product does show social bonding for an office atmosphere from what I have seen here at Raisoft.

Lawrence GBK

I am now 32 years young and soon I will encroach on 33 which is a lot like 32 but just one year more. As a young 32 year old, I am still living the dream of being able to play a sport, that when I was younger was the only thing in my future plans. Of course it is harder now, having a caring and beautiful wife and three kids that do not know the meaning of relaxation, plans change.

Sedentary to Active...

One thing that I can clearly see about going from a sedentary job to running around the field chasing a ball is Smart Break. The 3 minute movements and exercises that Smart Break offers are catered for those sitting jobs and help counter problems that accompany sedentary work. I can now feel how these movements help me prepare for the training’s after work. Typically at this stage of a player’s career they are getting more rickety knees and muscles are becoming more worn out and injuries often occur. That hasn’t hit me yet and i’m sure it will be coming, but these breaks during the day keep the blood and muscles moving and healthy. And all it took was for me to do a 3 minute workout twice a day. Go figure.

Now how do I show this to future customers or partners? I am not completely sure yet but I do know that 3 minutes and health benefits will be two points of selling. I do know that Smart Break social media has been working on content and more videos will be available soon. I may or may not be the new office Jason Bateman, I am in everything.

When social media becomes one of my tasks at hand I cower away in sheer nervousness. I am very good at posting pictures of my kids and occasional birthday messages, now I have to think of clever ways to market Smart Break. This has not been the easiest but I am trying my best. Maybe if I post pics of my kids doing Smart Break?? ???? Could work. Well at least we have things coming on the horizon that will be boosting the social media part of Smart Break.

Curious if Smart Break is the right fit for your company? Try Smart Break, and see the positive effects on your employees.

Trade Fairs on the Horizon

We have officially booked and registered for our first three expos! look out New Orleans and Helsinki, we are coming for that wellness market! New Orleans should be a good start for us, attending the Collision Expo. Not sure what to expect at the conference, I can tell you that I will be ready for those softball pitch questions with home run answers. 3 minutes, economically beneficial, office well-being, and affordable are all suitable answers that could get my foot in the door. Smart Break will also be attending Arctic15 along with Upgraded Life Festival in Helsinki at the end of May. Raisoft along with myself are excited to launch this product in the US market.

I have been working on some translation texts and blogs in order for you non- Finnish readers and speakers to understand more of the research done for Smart Break. I would absolutely love to see what people would think of the Finnish language and how many words consist of T and K, too many! But for now just learn kolme minuuttia riittää!!!


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