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Created for those looking to make taking breaks easier than ever.

Taking Breaks Is Easier Than Ever

Are you struggling to remember to take breaks during the day? Well, we have a solution for that. Over the past couple of months, our development team has been working tirelessly to bring Notifications to Smart Break. We believe this is a necessary update for our users and will give them the ability to maximize the benefits of Smart Break. 

While we always recommend taking one break before lunch and one break after lunch to increase your energy, productivity, and overall wellbeing, we understand that not everybody’s schedule allows that. We want you to find the time that works best for you and your day, while still trying to fit in at least 2 Smart Breaks a day.

Why add notifications?

“Over the years we have seen an increasing need from both our users and potential customers to add notifications to Smart Break. It seems to be an important update, especially for organizations that do not take breaks together and want to be reminded wherever they are located”, said Johan Boholm, Smart Break Founder and Specialist. 

What are the benefits?

“Especially now, when people are working from home, it is easy to forget taking breaks. With the notifications feature everyone can select up to three reminders per day and from the notification message they can start Smart Break with just one click. An easy way to start and keep up the routine of taking refreshing breaks throughout the day” commented Johan.

Current Customers 

Notifications are automatically updated in your solution. You can easily access them in your profile. This way you can pick the time that works best for you and your schedule. If you have any questions to further discuss contact us at 

Schedule for days and times you receive notifications.

Setting up notifications in your personal profile

Notifications….no, thanks!

Notifications, not your thing? No problem! Some people don’t enjoy the constant reminders, which is why we made it so you can choose whether you want them on or off.

However, if you’re struggling to get into a routine or build a habit of taking breaks, we would recommend turning the notifications on for 3 weeks to start building healthy habits. After you’ve found yourself more in a routine, then you can turn them off.

Curious if Smart Break is the right fit for your company? Try Smart Break, and see the positive effects on your employees.



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