By: Chelsy Swackhamer

Get To Know Eric Storvall

Why waste time on training that doesn’t produce results? That’s exactly why Eric Storvall started ES Endurance back in 2015. Eric uses simple but effective methods based on relevant sports research and proven experience. After earning his Masters in Sports and Exercise Science from Umeå University in Sweden, Eric wanted to turn his passion for health and wellness into something special. Eric has combined both his knowledge and his 15 years of experience as an endurance athlete at the national level into helping others improve their health.

Growing up in an athletic family, Eric participated in a variation of sports but soon realized he had a gift for endurance sports, specifically cross-country skiing and running. “I like the challenge of having all the responsibility. You get all the credit for the success, but there is a lot of pressure when you fail. There is also a great team dynamic with training and competing together”. After his high school years, Eric made a real push in his skiing career. Those were good years where he earned several FM medals and national team callups. Eric then learned he also had a strong interest in coaching and training athletes. During his time as a trainer, he worked with everything from juniors to elite athletes, and now he works with companies in Finland, Sweden, and Australia.

Same principles apply to train elite athletes and corporate wellness

“It’s been a good variation to work with both athletes and corporations. You can learn a lot from elite athletes on how to build good health. Not only on the fitness side but also on how to take care of your overall well-being by getting enough sleep and not having too much stress.” He then explained how these are the same similarities he notices with organizations. It’s important when you aren’t exercising to take care of your back, hips, shoulders, and knees to help prevent injuries. “Like Smart Break, these same principles apply to those who spend their entire days at work sitting. You can feel the body needing a break which is why Smart Break is great.”

When Eric goes into companies he starts with what he calls a “kick-off”, basically an introduction into what he does, why he does it, and how he plans to help. He then focuses on advising his clients to make some small lifestyle changes. Eric expressed why he enjoys working with businesses,

you can see more of an improvement from those who aren’t the most active. That’s why I enjoy working in corporations, I can reach the people who would benefit the most from being active. Not everybody knows they need to make these improvements. Even competitive athlete, need the motivation to continue.”


Why Smart Break?

“Smart Break is something that I can leave my clients with when I’m not able to be in the office”.  Many of Eric’s clients need something that can stay at the workplace even when he’s not there. He does his introduction seminar and leaves Smart Break for them to use while he’s not there. Every time they do 3 minutes of physical activity they are already thinking about the advice he gave them. His package is more complete when they have something to do every day. People have problems with their backs, necks, knees, etc., so when they ask him to come to do regular exercises or print out an exercise he doesn’t have time. Although he would love to visit all his clients every day, that is not possible. He believes Smart Break is a more efficient and better way of that. 

Online Courses 

Eric has just released new online courses centered around mental training. Unfortunately, it is only in Swedish right now. It’s focused on how to become your own coach and coach yourself for better endurance. These recorded lectures will be easy to access so people can do them straight from home. Anyone can sign up, and buy his coaching and training program directly from his webshop. All of Eric's services can be done in English. Here is a link to his website where you can learn more about what he has to offer.


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