Citywork London

By Chelsy Swackhamer

Citywork London

Good connections at Citywork Manchester helped land us a 10-minute presentation this year in London. Citywork helps global organizations recognize the importance of investment in the workforce to improve productivity. The performance of corporate entities residing in the city is absolutely crucial to the economic wellbeing of the UK. Lawrence Smith and Johan Boholm attended Citywork with 100+ other attendees to cover a spectrum of topics in company culture. Our discussion focused on the social aspect of wellness. 

It Started at Raisoft

Smith discussed the culture at Raisoft, and how it led to the creation of Smart Break. As a company of 55 employees, we noticed real issues with our employees' health, so we decided to discuss this as a whole team and figure out a solution that everyone would be involved with. We came up with a targeted exercise that is 3 minutes. That was 6 years ago and we see the considerable change in our office environment and other Nordic companies using our 3-minute product.

Most of the products and ideas on changing the company culture deal with products that are just given to the employee and meant to be done individually. Lawrence focused around the idea that,

we are all part of the same company and we all are surrounded by the same sedentary issues. Why try and deal with them individually when we can create a more cohesive atmosphere to attack these issues.

How to have a successful wellness program

Smith discussed, in order to have a successful wellness program and change the company culture, it must come from the top down. From his research and discussions with users of wellness products and programs, it seems that in most cases the company leaders will provide a program and wipe their hands because they have done their job. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If companies want to make a change, the companies leaders must be the first to make the change.  Usually, the greatest things are the hardest ones to achieve. 

Get out of your comfort zone

After my talk on company culture, the attendees participated in a short Smart Break. They seemed to enjoy the idea of getting out of their comfort zone and completing something so simple.

Our well researched movements are fun and improve employees overall wellbeing. You'll quickly find your company getting closer and collaborating better together. Taking group breaks is a way to help your team bond and work together more efficiently. It also creates a great social opportunity to discuss things outside of work. 

Curious if Smart Break is the right fit for your company? Try Smart Break, and see the positive effects on your employees.


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