Gluteal Amnesia

Gluteal Amnesia

By Lawrence Smith

Don’t you hate it when your butt falls asleep from sitting to much?

I don’t because I have only been working a sedentary job for around 3 months now. Oh give it time! Nope. Not today. Smart Break is helping me become more self aware about how sitting is very detrimental to my health. Being an athlete, I automatically think that this job wont harm me solely on the fact that when my sedentary job ends my soccer job begins. Wrong! I was still sitting for majority of the day. Even though I struggle running around the field trying to kick a ball, I still sat for a long work day. Did I say struggle on the field, ehem… I meant, dominating at all aspects of soccer while still having flawless hair and composure?

Throughout the work day you still need to be conscious about your health.

Some small tricks for moving in the office could be helpful in the long run.

  • Keep a small glass at your desk so you will have to get up several times during the day to keep hydrated. Well maybe not a small glass but you get the idea. Simple.
  • If your office has stairs, use them. Very simple. Unless the office is on the 20th floor, then it becomes hard, but still do it? Simple, sort of.
  • Every now and then get up and stretch, maybe do 20 push ups. If you can’t do 20 push ups then do 5. If you can’t do 5 push ups then do 10 sit ups. If you can’t do sit ups. Then just walk 30 laps around the office. Simple.
  • Before you take a coffee or lunch break, take a Smart Break. Don’t have Smart Break? Then you must have dumb break. Call me! Simple.

Butt falls asleep?? That's not good!

What I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t think extra curricular activities can cancel out a daily dose of sitting. Don’t get me wrong, you should be exercising and moving outside of work, but also during the work day. If your place of employment doesn’t have a wellness program that they offer, don’t get discouraged, it is easy to find one and even stay mindful about moving on your own. Of course it would be better if they have Smart Break in their workplace, but i’m not judging (my nose is growing). Try not to get dead butt syndrome. I hope everyone has a productive Friyay and even better weekend!

Curious if Smart Break is the right fit for your company? Try Smart Break, and see the positive effects on your employees.


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