The Benefits Of Good Posture

Luckily during our younger years, we spent a lot of time being active. But now that we are older, we spend exceedingly more time sitting.

We went to the best technology conference on the planet

Forbes has been calling it "the best technology conference on the planet." It brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Our team, along with 70,000 other attendees from over 160+ countries gathered in Lisbon, Portugal at the beginning of November for Web Summit Conference

Have you heard the news?

Smart Break is looking for re-sellers and partners. You can now become a re-seller for the smartest and quickest workplace workout. Our mission is to help people live a more active lifestyle.

Start Taking More Microbreaks

How can we get regular movement bursts into our workday,? Simply by taking microbreaks. Here are six tips fways to add microbreaks into your workday.

Perks Chicago

In October, our team traveled to Perks Chicago. A conference for employee benefits, that is all about building experiences and opportunities. Our VP, Lawrence Smith, comments on the event and how Smart Break is progressing.

Here's what to do when you can't fall asleep

It might be time to move sleep to the top of your priority list. Only 10% of Americans are currently prioritizing sleep over other areas in their lives.


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