Take A Moment To Reflect On Your Current Work Situation

With any new situation, comes its fair share of challenges. Since starting to work from home, have you had a chance to reflect on how things are going? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself about your current work situation.

Get To Know Our Partner - Eric Storvall

“It’s been a good variation to work with both athletes and corporations. You can learn a lot from elite athletes on how to build good health. Not only on the fitness side but also on how to take care of your overall well-being by getting enough sleep and not having too much stress.” Learn more about our partner Eric Storvall and how he trains elite athletes and corporations.

25 Self-Care Tips

So you should hit that pause button. Take a moment to stop and ask yourself “ hey, what do I need right now,". Practicing good self-care helps to keep you mentally present.

10 Tips For Productivity When Working From Home

So how do you stay productive with a million distractions? We’ve created a list of 10 ways to keep up productivity while at home.

Remote Work - Good Ergonomics and Breaks

Working remotely gives you the opportunity to get work completed with a flexible schedule and rhythm that suits you. As if it were a chance to take a break from work.

If you don't know Johan Boholm, you should.

"He is so positive and encouraging in my growth in this company and my career. He pushes our team to stay consistent and works hard to help us prosper our ideas. He would not admit to this but he is a real jokester as well."


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