5 Tips For Your Workplace Wellbeing

If you're looking to produce high results, feel confident, and be productive throughout each day then you need to start putting your well-being first.

Prevention is better than reaction

Many of the aches, pains, and musculoskeletal problems adults feel are the result of the long-term effects of incorrect postures or body misalignment. Scientific studies have linked poor posture to several health problems and concerns, including neck and shoulder pain.

Good Ergonomics For When You Are Working From Home

How often do you work from home? Where do you work when you're at home? While many of us enjoy the ability to work from our own sofa, it can cause numerous issues later on

Citywork London

At Citywork London, Smith discusses company culture and how it starts from the top down. As a company of 55 employees, we noticed real issues with our employees' health, so we decided to discuss this as a whole team and figure out a solution that everyone would be involved with.

Butt falls asleep? That’s not good!

Don’t you hate it when your butt falls asleep from sitting to much?

Of Course 3 Minutes is enough!

So… after a week now of me checking and re-reading my first blog, driving the number of views up strictly to make it look somewhat successful, I am now ready for el numero 2! I have been at Raisoft now for two months and I can genuinely say “me likes it a lot!”


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