Tech Neck:What It Is and How To Help.

In today's world, we can't avoid using devices or staring at screens. Many of us can spend our entire working day staring at a computer screen. Unfortunately many of us work with bad posture, which can strain our neck and shoulders, causing "tech neck" But, how do you fight tech neck? Here are some exercises to strengthen your neck and shoulders.

Take a Break and Move: It’s The Best Way to Prevent WFH Side Effects

Every break you take to move during the workday will help protect your health and ease any symptoms you may be experiencing from a year of WFH. If you develop the habit now, you can take it with you when you go back to the office.

Your 2-Minute Meeting Solution

How often have you been sitting in a meeting and realized you aren’t listening? It happens more often than you think. We can quickly get distracted by emails popping up, text and calls coming in, noises from outside the meeting, and so much more. That is why we came up with Smart Break Quick. A simple 2-minute solution to build healthier and happier teams.

Strength In Numbers

With less than 25% of Americans meeting the national physical guidelines, it's imperative to find effective ways to increase physical activity. One of the best ways, might be to exercise in a group or with a friend. Studies have revealed the positive effects of exercising in a group.

5 Small Habits for 2021

Remember, you can’t have 100% productivity every day, and that’s okay. In today’s fast-paced world there are distractions everywhere. The biggest thing is to limit those distractions in order to set yourself up for success. This is why we created a list of 5 daily habits to implement in 2021 for a more productive workday.

Too Busy For Breaks

Unforunately, sitting at your desk while eating lunch, and doing a less strenuous task such as answering emails isn’t considered a break. The entire point of a break is to shut your brain down and allow time to refocus.


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