Too Busy For Breaks

Unforunately, sitting at your desk while eating lunch, and doing a less strenuous task such as answering emails isn’t considered a break. The entire point of a break is to shut your brain down and allow time to refocus.

Take Effective Breaks

In order to maximize our break-time we need to know, how to take effective breaks and when to take a break. With little time to waste during a day it's important we really utilize this time. With different jobs, positions, and schedules, taking breaks isn't a "one size fits all" approach. Different times and moments in the day fit employees differently.

Why Take Breaks?

The majority of us are not productive for an entire work-day. Honestly, we are far from that. Your to-do list is growing more and more, so you refuse to take a break. This is a common misconception that many of us feel.

Costs of Chronic Health

Absenteeism-related costs close to $15,000 annually per person for those reporting depression, anxiety, or emotional disorder as their “primary health condition”. While absenteeism from back and neck pain costs approximately $1,000. Here is a snippet from our White Paper covering the costs of chronic health conditions in the workplace.

The Straight-Up Facts About Good Posture

Proper posture means more than standing up straight to look better. Our posture control all our bodies' movements from sitting, standing to laying down. Good posture can have a positive effect it can have on our overall health.


Is your battery running low at the end of the workday? Like many of us, you start your day off strong, checking off tasks one by one, but after lunch, you start to feel yourself fade away. So how do you kick this afternoon slump, and maximize your day?


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